Here are some of my favorite clips:

viral stories/politics

missing comma gets grammar nerd out of parking ticket (mashable)

melania trump has a really amazing twitter account (aol)

we tried eating as much gum in one day as sean spicer does (aol)

crime/weird news

in america’s ‘murder zone,’ it’s easy to get away with killing someone (aol)

man shares photos and videos of alleged paranormal encounters (aol)

arrest made in cold case murder of beauty queen (aol)

pop culture

6 super bowl halftime performances that went wrong (billboard)

did love really die in 2015? an investigation (mashable)

here are the best memes of 2016 (aol)

here are the hottest college basketball players of the ncaa tournament (aol)


 which member of unc’s academic scandal are you? (dth)

test your knowledge of surprising celebrity heights (mashable)


you asked for it: in which we hate on biebs and discuss life in a sorority chateaux (you asked for it)