my free newsletter: keeping up with the content

every week, i read hundreds of emails and articles to compile the most interesting into my weekly newsletter. it has 550+ subscribers and an open rate of 70 percent — much higher than the average newsletter that falls somewhere in the teens.

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my exclusive newsletter: this is good

after seeing success with keeping up with the content, I launched a Patreon. anyone who gives monthly to my other newsletter receives a bi-weekly newsletter with my favorite things that week — from skincare products to jewelry on sale to incredible longreads to treats I find around the internet. Its largely e-commerce, but it also serves as a “greatest hits” sort of feature for my other newsletter.

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newsletter independent study course

in spring 2016, i conducted an independent study course at unc with a journalism professor delving into the inner-workings of email newsletters. each week i will highlight a different newsletter, examining how it looks and how it works.

during the course i used research methods to find out what the optimal newsletter looks like to a reader, and writing a final paper about it. my final project was the newsletter above that I launched.

read more about it on my research blog.